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K-Laser Therapy to treat Foot Pain

Foot Pain, whether Acute (just started) or Chronic (long term and ongoing), can quickly interrupt your day, leaving you with a feeling of possibly not wanting to go outside.


Many people experience ongoing foot pain and are unwilling to consider surgery (or consider as a last resort).

Many work hours are lost each year due to conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis – (heel pain).

Having non-invasive, drug free K-laser cube 4+ is an option that can safely bring pain relief through the body healing itself.

K-laser Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that targets pain directly by ‘photobiostimulation’ meaning to treat ‘tissue with light’. Cells are stimulated by the light to cause metabolism, allowing an increase in blood flow, oxygenation of the cells, subsequently stimulating the area to heal itself.



Ongoing, chronic arthritic pain can be managed safely and effectively through K-laser.

There are 10 million + people suffering in the UK from Osteo Arthritis and other related arthritic conditions.

Chronic Arthritis responds to 2/3 sessions per week for a few weeks, tapering to ongoing long term care, according to the patient response and future plan of treatment.


Plantar Fasciitis

This is  a condition that can happen at any time during adulthood. It is usually a sharp stabbing pain that occurs as soon as you take your first few steps of the day. It is a very common  condition, caused by excessive pressure on the heel, usually by people who stand a lot in their job. Its origin is at the back of the heel in the calcaneus bone and runs along the underside of the foot to the base of the ball of the foot. It is a very important thick muscle as it carries the body forward in propulsion. Small tears and scar tissue form on the muscle and if no treatment is given it will get so painful you can barely stand.

Thankfully, using the K-laser cube 4+ with 4 different wavelengths, the amplified red light will stimulate the cells metabolism to recover from inflammation and breakdown scar tissue formed on the surface of the muscles, so inducing an analgesic effect and reduce the pain.


Achilles Tendinitis

Its origin is found at the back of the heel and up into the calf muscles. It is the largest tendon in the body and is frequently injured during walking, running, jumping etc. Placing too much strain on the tendon can lead to tears, inflammation and in the worst case a rupture (which will need immediate surgical intervention).

The K-laser cube 4+ with its 4 wavelengths can penetrate from the skin down through the deepest tissues and speed up and stimulate quicker healing times.

For an acute injury it made need 1-6 treatments over a few weeks, working together with other forms of rehabilitation such as massage, manipulative techniques, taping etc.


Sports Injury Recovery

Using K-laser cube 4+ can really speed up recovery from sports injuries. With its 4 wavelengths it can target pain from the skin surface right through to deep muscle layers, meaning you can get back to the activities you love faster.


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