Overview of Podiatry and Chiropody Services

Our podiatry and chiropody services are designed to help you overcome issues that are common with the feet.

We start with an examination to determine the right course of treatment. And then we apply safe, proven methods to correct the condition.

Our services cover the following treatments:

  • Nail Cutting
    Proper nail cutting means that the nails are trimmed in a manner that preserves the nail while helping to prevent infection and ingrown toenails. We also offer advice on how you can properly trim your own nails, so you can maintain the proper appearance of your feet without unnecessary complications.
  • Hard Skin Removal
    There are areas of skin on the feet that can harden for various reasons. Removing the harden areas allows the skin to regrow naturally and normally with the right protection that we provide.
  • Corn Removal
    Painful corns are removed the right way to allow the skin to heal properly. This service also helps prevent possible infections. Plus, advice on how to prevent the growth of corns in the future.
  • Verrucae Treatment
    Warts can be a difficult issue to remove, especially on the sensitive skin on top of the feet. Our verrucae treatment provides safe, effective, and painless options that remove the warts the right way. This means that the warts go away with no infection or complications, so you can feel better.
  • Ingrown Toenail Treatment
    Toenails that grow under the skin are not only painful, they may lead to infection. Our services remove the ingrown nails and treat the area so that they do not reform.
  • Foot Correction
    With the use of prefabricated orthotics, we offer a wide variety of foot correction services. From providing better support for the arches to more protection for the heel area to prevent plantar fasciitis and more, we can help correct issues of the feet so you can walk normally.
  • Laser Treatment
    There are many conditions that affect the soft tissue of the skin that ca be treated with our laser correction. This means that you can find pain relief and address certain skin issues quickly and easily by choosing our laser treatment option.
  • Athletes’ Foot Treatment
    We offer prescription medications along with other treatments that address athletes’ foot. Plus, we offer tips and advice on how to prevent this condition from reoccurring.
  • Foot Massage and Relaxing Foot Baths
    Our foot massage will not only help your feet to feel better, but it will improve circulation that promotes healing. But for most of our patients, the relaxing foot baths are enjoyable because they clean the feet with a soothing wash.

If you are suffering from one or more issues that concern your feet, then please come by our offices. We have built a strong reputation for being able to treat many conditions that affect the feet with safe, proven methods that really work.

Call or email for an appointment and come by our offices. We are here to help you with the best in podiatry and chiropody services designed to help your feet get back to their normal condition.


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