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K-Laser Foot Therapy Treatment

If you’re experiencing ongoing problems with foot pain, laser therapy is an effective means to ease your discomfort.

It is a proven outpatient therapy that takes a short amount of time to administer and has been successful in reducing foot and ankle pain.

We are the first clinic in the UK to offer K-Laser therapy.

What is K-laser therapy?

K-Laser therapy works by stimulating quick cell growth. This means that if you’re recovering from an injury or you are in need of fast tissue repair, you can benefit from a improved healing process by using laser therapy. Whether you are experiencing problems with internal and chronic pain or open wounds we can speed up the healing process. We make sure that you experience less ongoing discomfort through faster healing.

K-Laser technology uses a series of selective wavelengths that stimulate molecules in human tissue. The system has been created using decades of medical testing, by identifying the correct wavelengths for the laser to stimulate cell growth, a proven therapy that is working better than ever before. By delivering targeted frequencies that stimulate the metabolism of cells and accelerate the restorative abilities of the body, this is a therapy that can assist people of all ages and with a wide range of conditions.

Are there side effects?

K-laser therapy does not come with any type of known side effects. It can be used on its own as well as alongside other types of prescribed medication. This is a system that will lead to less discomfort and scarring over time as well as an extremely short recovery time.

The procedure can be taken on very quickly and it can be made to fit any busy schedule. As an added bonus, the treatments are pain free. At most some patients describe the feeling of the laser to be nothing more than a warming sensation. The treatment sessions can often be added on to a regular podiatry appointment.

K-laser treatment is perhaps the most effective for symptoms related to heel pain. Managing pain and heel pain at the source can be extremely helpful for conditions like tendinitis, diabetic neuropathy, and sprains as well as variety of other conditions.

The laser can penetrate into areas that are causing ongoing pain, inflammation and discomfort. Because of its ability to penetrate deep into areas that have been affected by chronic conditions, K-laser therapy is working to improve conditions for people that have been able to find no relief previously.

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