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Experienced Chiropodist in Reading.

Keep your feet happy and in good health with a range of podiatry treatments by Michael Rooks.

I offer personalised treatments tailored to meet your requirements. Bid your foot problems goodbye! Are you suffering from foot problems? I have been a practitioner of chiropody for over 2 decades. I have a clinic in Reading and am registered with the HCPC. Excellent reputation built over 26 years.

Laser Foot Therapy

Our Podiatry clinic is the first in the UK to offer K-Laser Therapy. Laser foot therapy can be especially helpful if you are experiencing sudden or ongoing foot pain and you need access to an effective treatment plan for managing discomfort. This type of treatment can be used to alleviate a wide range of painful conditions connected with the leg, knee, ankle and foot pain to a series of other solutions.


Orthotics are worn inside shoes to potentially correct a series of biomechanical foot and leg issues. If you experience problems with the way that you walk, ongoing pain as you run or problems with posture, orthotics can work to correct these issues. Orthotics can be especially beneficial for managing medical conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes (related lower leg conditions) and bursitis.

Podiatry / Chiropody

Podiatry is the new name for traditional podiatry. As an experienced chiropodist / podiatrist, Michael Rooks has 26 years of experience diagnosing and managing minor and severe foot issues. As a specialist it’s possible to treat a wide range of common foot problems, lower limb problems as well as treatments for conditions like cracked heels, athletes foot, corns, verrucas, bromhidrosis (smelly feet) and more.

More Foot Treatments

With a wealth of treatment available from Michael Rooks Chiropody, it is possible to provide assistance for a wide range of medical issues. If you are experiencing ongoing problems with your feet or suffering from ongoing pain, choosing the option to work with a podiatrist can make sure that your needs can be met and managed.

Put your best foot forward.

Living with foot problems can be very painful and stressful. Let me help you heal your body so you can get back to enjoying all the little things in life. With treatments ranging from general chiropody to pre-fabricated orthotics, you can rest assured that your feet are in good hands!

No two clients are the same in podiatry treatment and from this central Reading location, customers all receive their own treatment plan. We treat patients based on their own needs to make sure that there is always a solution to pain management or managing a condition that has been an ongoing problem.

A centrally located foot care clinic in Reading.

I understand that your foot problems can adversely affect your mobility, which is why I treat my patients in the centrally located Superdrug store on Broad Street, Reading.


“I’ve been going to Michael Rooks now for over 2 years. I’ve found him professional and great at what he does. He’s always kind and understanding and always explains things so you know exactly what he’s going to do and why he’s doing it.” – Wendy

“I have, during my 19 years as a client of Michael`s, continued to recommend him and his services as a chiropodist with confidence.” – Margaret

Michael Rooks is a leading podiatrist in Reading and the surrounding areas. Call 0118 939 1361 or send an enquiry to schedule an appointment.


Call 0118 939 1361 or email michael.rooks@btconnect.com to make an appointment.

Alternatively you can email me directly via the contact me page.